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Cable Tray in Delhi

These trays act as mechanically enhanced systems for electrical cables and we are known as premium manufacturers of Cable Tray in Delhi.

Insulated electrical wires used for power distribution and communication are supported by a cable tray system in building electrical wiring. In commercial and industrial construction, cable trays are frequently used for cable management as an alternative to open wiring or electrical conduit systems. Since new wires can be installed by placing them in the tray rather than pulling them through a pipe, they are especially helpful in instances when changes to a wiring system are planned.

Best Cable Tray Manufacturers in Delhi

These cables are utilized generally for the distribution of power and control and we are the best Cable Tray Manufacturer in Delhi.

The most affordable option to add a second-floor level using ordinary pallet rack components is to build a mezzanine supported by racks. With years of design expertise, Metal Impacts makes the most of your storage space. Mezzanines supported by racks can be constructed over existing workspaces and tools. Mezzanines supported by racks can reduce downtime and costly relocation expenses.

Best Electrical Cable Tray Suppliers in India

These cables are the ideal solution for driving objects that possess large quantities of power and we are the best Cable Tray Suppliers Exporters in India.

Ladder Type Cable Tray

This type of cable tray has been used for distribution of cables and it has been designed with utmost care and precision as we are the most sought after manufacturers of Ladder Type Cable Tray in Delhi. Besides this tray, we also offer Material Handling Equipment and Raceways at optimum prices.

Perforated Cable Tray

These trays are very important to make sure that wires function in a proper manner and we are the optimum manufacturers of Perforated Cable Tray in Delhi. Apart from these trays, we also offer Hand Pallet Truck and Platform Trolley at reasonable prices.


The raceways are similar to a physical pathway to properly conduct electrical wiring and we are the most reputed manufacturers of Raceways in Delhi. Apart from this device, we also offer Manual Stacker and Hand Pallet Truck at optimum prices.

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