6 Types Of Industrial Storage Racks To Optimize Existing Space

6 Types Of Industrial Storage Racks To Optimize Existing Space

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  • 2022-11-23
6 Types Of Industrial Storage Racks To Optimize Existing Space

6 Types Of Industrial Storage Racks To Optimize Existing Space


In order to set up a warehouse storage system and make room for growing inventory, logistics suppliers must either move to a new location or rearrange a few pieces of equipment when a warehouse reaches its storage capacity. Kelson Storage Systems Pvt Ltd is one of the leading Industrial Storage Rack Manufacturers in Delhi. The increased volume, however, cannot be accommodated in this area due to its small size. 

Industrial Storage Racking Systems: Types

It would be difficult to find a warehouse facility that didn't have industrial shelves when you looked around. Our company is one of the most trusted Industrial Storage Rack Suppliers in India. Most warehouses use industrial shelving as one of their primary storage options. It is the most reliable, sturdy, and effective type of storage system.

Mobile Compactor

A mobile compactor offers dependable performance and needs little maintenance thanks to its flexible control system and numerous cabinets. The high-density storage option of a mobile compactor practically doubles the amount of space you have for storage. Access to all of the items in stock can be provided by just one aisle. It makes it simpler for warehouse managers and employees to manage goods without spending a lot of time and effort while giving them instant access to products. 

Cantilever Racks

When it comes to storing long, bulky, and heavy loads like furniture, piping, tubing, sheet metal, or lumber, cantilever racks are incredibly effective. Cantilever racks are dependable, long-lasting, and durable. These racks consist of columns with one or more horizontal and one or more vertical beams at the base for stability. With the potential to increase storage space, cantilever racks are a useful addition to your warehouse design.

Mezzanine Storage Racks

In order to make the most of vertical height, which is typically wasted, many warehouses use a mezzanine floor racking system. The best solution to rising real estate costs is to create space within space. Bolts, nuts, and heavy-duty slotted angles make up this adaptable system. Mezzanine floors are available from Kelson Storage Systems Pvt Ltd and are customized to meet client needs and requirements.

Drive-In Racking System

The Drive in Racking System is a high-density storage option that increases the amount of height and space that is accessible in the warehouse by minimizing the number of forklift operating aisles. It has a modular design that is simple to put together and reset, making maintenance simple.

FIFO Racks

A common method of inventory control is the first-in, first-out warehouse storage system. The first items to enter the warehouse will also be the first to leave it in this scenario. The best option for implementing inventory management in the warehouse is to use FIFO Flow Racks. 

Heavy Duty Pallet Racks

Industrial pallet racking is one of the most typical features of any warehouse. These are the strongest storage racks we offer. Pallets can be loaded and unloaded from these pallet racks using forklifts. They are effective because you don't need to manually perform any of the labor-intensive tasks. They are adaptable and versatile industrial pallet racks.

Industrial storage racks can be useful in these circumstances to make the most of the space. We are the most trusted Heavy Duty Pallet Racks in Delhi. Warehouses can maximize their available floor space by installing these industrial storage solutions. Your choice of shelving system should take into account the kind of goods you'll be keeping on hand in the warehouse. The heavy-density storing requirements of the facility are taken into consideration with high-quality shelving systems for warehouses.



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